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What Can We Do For You?
​We are mostly a junk removal/repurposing company, but, we offer other services on the same level; Garage Sale Leftovers Removal, Donation Collection,  Foreclosures, Evictions, Property Clean-Outs, Property Preservation,  Small Tree & Branch Removal, Minor Fence Repair, Deck Pressure Washing/Resealing, Bee Extraction, and more!
"Make America Green Again"
  1. Trash Removal
    Pretty basic. You have trash, we have trucks and trailers. Tell us what you want gone and we sort it, recycle/repurpose what we can (approx. 60%), and dispose of the rest.
  2. Garage/Estate Sale Dispersal
    Had a sale and still have stuff? Give us a call and we can help find a new home for it!
  3. Donation Delivery/Collection
    Have something to donate but don't have a way to get it gone? Call us and we can help. Want to donate to Suenos, International (our 5013c)? Let us know and we'll make it happen.
  4. Pressure Washing
    Does your deck need to be pressure washed or resealed? Is your garage floor or driveway stained or tacky?
  5. Minor Fence Repair
    Need your fence-mended? Have us take a look.
  6. Branch and Tree Removal
    We can do minor removal/trimming of trees, shrubs, brush, and landscape debris.
  7. Bee Extraction
    We can safely remove bees from homes, garages, sheds, trees and shrubs, or wherever else they take up residence a bit too close for comfort. This is done in an environmentally friendly manner and we pass the bees on to local apiarists.
  8. Unwanted Items Sales
    Don't want to hassle with all the Crazy's out there? Just deal with Us Crazy's. (The Devil you know vs. the Devil you don't.) We'll do our best to get you the most return on your items!
  9. Signs Made/ Vehicle Wraps
    Need your car to help get your name out there? Wrap that rascal! We have the talent and equipment to make signs for any application or to turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard! Call Nick for a quote as we can beat the competition.